Twesix אנרגיה ושות 'בע"מ

Is a well-known professional manufacturer of air source heat pumps, heat pump dryer for food, heat pump for swimming pool, מכונת ייבוש נודלס מסחרית מכונת ייבוש נודלס לאטריות, pool cover and pool cove. Company is focused on R&D,production,sales and after-sales of heat pumps and pool acessories.

על אודות

In China, it has a complete system of manufacturing heat pump dryers, מכונת ייבוש נודלס מסחרית מכונת ייבוש נודלס לאטריות, מכונת ייבוש נודלס מסחרית מכונת ייבוש נודלס לאטריות, poolcover, and pool cove, and also heat exchangers and sheet metal parts, with a plant area of 30,000 square meters. Absorption and perfection are the concepts of designing. Concentrating to let all walks of life get benefit from our heat pump dryer, it will become the sexy production labeled”professional, creative, personalized”.

Product Application

TWESIX focuses on the development of heat pump drying technology, to solve the problems by. To be now, we have been successful in many cases of wood, mushroom, grains, tobacco, dynamic drying, etc.

Our service

Our products waranty is 12 months.We can take OEM orders. Clients send designs to us and we can manufacture as drawings.
Also we can design as clients' requirments. Our standard products like MHTA, GA and GB series are in stock anytime.

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