How to Dry Garlic

How to Dry Garlic

Drying Garlic Process

Garlic Encyclopedia

Garlic is also called garlic head, garlic head, garlic, single garlic, single head garlic, and is a general term for garlic plants. A semi-annual herbaceous plant, Allium spp., In the family Liliaceae. Harvest in spring and summer, tie the handle, hang the ventilated place, dry in the shade and reserve. The agricultural proverb says "Grow garlic without nine (months) and nine long heads". When the leaves are dry in June, dig and remove the silt, ventilate to dry or bake until the skin is dry.


Garlic is oblate or short conical, with gray-white or light brown membranous scales on the outside, peeling off the scale leaves, 6-10 garlic petals inside, whorled around the flower stem, disc-shaped at the base, with many fibrous roots. Peel off the film of each garlic clove, and see white, thick and juicy scales. There is a strong garlic spicy and spicy taste. It has an irritating odor and can be eaten or used for flavoring or medicine. The underground bulbs are divided into purple skin species and white skin species according to different skin colors. Garlic was introduced into China from the Western Regions during the Qin and Han Dynasties. It was cultivated and cultivated artificially and has anti-cancer effects. It is very popular among the public.

Processing Garlic Steps

1Processing of raw garlic

Five steps: selecting materials, cutting pedicles, peeling off the epidermis, peeling the garlic, and picking. The selection of materials requires manual operation. Pour the garlic on the garlic selection table and pick out the insect frogs and moldy garlic heads one by one. In the selection process, the garlic that is too small is also removed. After cutting the garlic, the garlics are poured onto the elevator one by one, and then sent to the splitting machine through the conveyor belt. The splitting machine uses the rubbing force generated by the upper and lower rubber belts of different speeds to divide the garlic head into garlic cloves.


The divided garlic cloves are also attached with a layer of garlic skin. This layer of garlic skin is closely attached to the garlic meat and needs to be removed before processing. The method uses a dry-off process. Turn on the power of the peeling machine, set the working pressure and temperature of the peeling machine, the working pressure is 9-11 kgf / cm2, and the temperature is 45 -50 . When the pressure and temperature rise to the specified range, pour the garlic cloves into the peeling machine. After closing the lid, start the work switch, and the peeling machine will automatically peel the garlic peel. In order to ensure the quality of the product, the garlic cloves after peeling must be selected.

3Dehydrated garlic slices

After peeling and selecting the garlic cloves, dirt and dust will inevitably adhere to them. Before dehydration, these garlic cloves must be thoroughly washed. Put the garlic cloves in the washing machine, and rub the garlic cloves continuously with air bubbles. The dust on the garlic cloves is washed away, the garlic skin floats on the water, the garlic cloves will sink, and the garlic skin will be removed with a stalk. The sterilized garlic cloves should also be washed with water, drained and ready for slicing. The slicing is to enhance the dehydration effect and also reduce

Less storage volume.


The sliced garlic slices are re-entered into the bubble washing machine for cleaning, and the mucus and sugar on the surface of the garlic slices are washed away by rubbing with bubbles. The cleaning time is 3 minutes, and the water temperature is maintained at about 10 ° C.

5Spin dry

The cleaned garlic slices should use a centrifuge to dry the water attached to the surface of the garlic slices to shorten the drying time. When cleaning the garlic slices, put the garlic slices in a permeable gauze bag, and then put the whole package in the centrifuge. Each time the amount of garlic slices into the centrifuge is 25-30 kg, the speed of the centrifuge is about 1200 revolutions per minute, and the drying time is 30 seconds. The dried garlic slices can be dried.

Garlic drying process

The dehydrated garlic slices are dried using a heat pump dryer. The specific method is: spread the garlic slices evenly in the grid tray of the dryer, insert the grid tray into the material cart, push the material cart into the drying room and turn on the host . During the drying process, the temperature should be controlled between 55 -75 , and the drying time is 10-12 klukkustundir. The standard of dried garlic slices is: normal slice shape, white color, and moisture content of 4-5%. The dried garlic slices are also mixed with some garlic peels. At this time, the peeling operation should be carried out by air separation.

The dried garlic slices have a slightly different moisture content due to uneven size. In order to achieve moisture consistency, a moisture balance is required. Put the dried garlic slices in a plastic bag, tie up the bag mouth, and put it on the shelf, it can be placed for about 3 days.


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