White Swimming Pool Cove Foam Manufacturer in China

White Swimming Pool Cove Foam Manufacturer in China

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The pool cover is a smooth transition between the pool wal and floor. The cove prevents the pool liner from protruding from the pool wall and the base. The cove is made of bendable etha-foam material. It is easy and quick to install only by adhereing to inner bottom of pool wall.It is not easy to change shape or indent,which also can make the pool cleaning easier.

Traditionally, sandy or dirt are used as coves to protect the pool liners. The advanctage of a pool cove form can extend the life of an above round pool liner and make cleaning much easier. The disavantage of using sand or dirt to be the cove will selttle and disperse over time.

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Why Use Foam Pool Cove in Above Ground Pool Cove?

The Pool Cove is quick and easy to install snce it is lighweight and easy to handle,which can also save cost in your above ground pool. The Pool Cove is made of chemically neutral foam which can be anti-corroded and prevents excessive stretching and premature wearing to the pool liner,adding years to the life of the pool liner. It also can eliminate sand from washing away and helps keep the pool liner in place.We normally use plywood and shrink film to pack, use carton box for small models,we can also make the package as request.
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2. Factory prices
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4. QC control
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6. Support after sales
A. Payment Service
1. T/T
2. L/C (for container order only)
3. Western Union, (for sample order & parts)

B. Technical service
1. We calculate the capacity and recommend the best models.
2. We supply you the professional refrigeration technical support and electronic technical support for your installation, debugging and operation.
3. We supply the spare parts and technical support in & after the warranty time.
4. We supply the training course to your workers at our factory if you need.

C. After-sales service
1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance.
2. One year’s warranty, and you can pay for extended warranty.
3. Spare parts and technical support at most economic prices after the warranty

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