380V Electrical Industrial Heat Pump for Heating Large Rooms

380V Electrical Industrial Heat Pump for Heating Large Rooms

Short Description:

1. Commercial air to water heat pump with 380V,50HZ/60HZ,3phase.
2. Commercial Inverter low temperature heater.
3. Stable running at -35℃ ambient temperature.
4. Max outlet hot water up to 65℃.
5. Noise low to 56dB.
6. Use Environment-friendly refrigerant R410a.
7. can connect radiator,fan coil,floor heater etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Heating working condition A: Outdoor dry ball/wet ball 7℃/6℃, outlet water temperature 45℃.
2. Heating working condition B: Outdoor dry ball/wet ball -12℃/-14℃, outlet water temperature 41℃.
3. Cooling working condition: Outdoor dry ball/wet ball 35℃/24℃, outlet water temperature 7℃.
4. The model, parameters and performance will be changed without notice due to the improvement of the product. Please refer to the product nameplate for specific parameters.

EVI Technology, Stable Running at -35℃ Ambient Temperature and 65℃ Hot Water
The special high efficiency and high compression ration compressor, combined with ultra-low temperature EVI technology, can not only run normally at -35℃, but also the outlet water temperature of the heat pump can be as high as 65℃, realizing the hot water output of high temperatur, meeting the needs of household hot water bath, and providing heating guarantee for cold regions.

Large-sized fans and appropriate wind runner design are adopted, and noise reduction treatment is carried out for compressors, classis, cabinets etc by means of noise elimination, isolation, adsorption and other ways. The noise of our units can be 42dB.

The intelligent defrosting technology not only detects the change of outdoor ambient temperature in real time through the outdoor ambient temperature sensor, suction temperature sensor and evaporation pressure sensor, but also judges whether the unit needs to be the defrosting mode by monitoring the change of heat exchanger temperature in real time. At the same time, the system adds an intelligent defrosting system to judge the best time for defrosting, to achieve the defrosting with and without frost. Improve defrosting efficiency to save power-consumption and improve confort.

The intelligent controller is used to realize the linkage control between the heat pump unit and the terminal application to improve the operation efficiency. Through the WIFI APP, users can operate their devices from their smartphones anytime and anywhere.

1. Flexible Design of Water System, More Convenient Reconstruction

Water system: The water air conditioning system can be modified, added or deleted separately for the indoor unit or outdoor unit in the later period, making the design more flexible.

Fluorine system: the indoor and outdoor reconstruction of traditional fluorine system must be carried out at the same time, and the indoor unit cannot be added later.

2. The Matching of Indoor and Outdoor Units

Water system: any water terminals can be matched with the outdoor unit, without any restrictions, more flexible and independent.

Indoor and outdoor units must come from the same manufacturers. And the later maintenance and replacement are limited.

3. Installation Distance

Liquid water is used as the heat transfer medium inside the indoor units. There is almost no problem of air conditioning capacity decline caused by long connecting pipes. The performance is almost unaffected by the connecting length of water pipes, and the capacity loss is almost zero.

The refrigerant pipeline is used as the heat transfer medium, and the pipeline connection increases the resistance of refrigerant flow, which leads to the failure of compressor capacity and the attenuation of refrigeration capacity. At the same time, too high exhaust temperature may increase the amount of refrigerant, increase the cost and repair costs.

4. Investment

Air source heat pump: realize efficient cooling of fan coil in summer; In winter, floor heating is realized. One set of equipment can meet two needs of families and reduce the investment in equipment in later stage.

Fluorine system central air conditioning+gas wall-mounted furnace: two sets of systems are required to realize air conditioning and floor heating, with high initial investment and complex system maintenance.

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