Energy-saving Split Air to Water Heat Pump for Heating Room

Energy-saving Split Air to Water Heat Pump for Heating Room

Short Description:

1. Powerful and energy-saving,intelligent defrost,improving defrost efficiency to avoid too much energy-consumption;
2. Home heater, cooler,and also provide hot water for daily use;
3. Easily replacing gas heating system in house;
4. Environmental friendly refrigerant,R32 and R410a available;
5. Low noise,low to 42dB,which is best heating system for house;
6. -35℃,the heater still can work.Max hot water outlet can be 65℃.

Product Detail

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1. Heating working condition A: Outdoor dry ball/wet ball 7℃/6℃, outlet water temperature 45℃.
2. Heating working condition B: Outdoor dry ball/wet ball -12℃/-14℃, outlet water temperature 41℃.
3. Cooling working condition: Outdoor dry ball/wet ball 35℃/24℃, outlet water temperature 7℃.
4. The model, parameters, and performance will be changed without notice due to the improvement of the product. Please refer to the product nameplate for specific parameters.

EVI Technology, Stable Running at -35℃ Ambient Temperature and 65℃ Hot Water
The special high efficiency and high compression ratio compressor, combined with ultra-low temperature EVI technology, can not only run normally at -35℃, but also the outlet water temperature of the heat pump can be as high as 65℃, realizing the hot water output of high temperature, meeting the needs of the household hot water bath, and providing heating guarantee for cold regions.

Large-sized fans and appropriate wind runner designs are adopted, and noise reduction treatment is carried out for compressors, classis, cabinets, etc by means of noise elimination, isolation, adsorption, and other ways. The noise of our units can be 42dB.

The intelligent defrosting technology not only detects the change of outdoor ambient temperature in real-time through the outdoor ambient temperature sensor, suction temperature sensor, and evaporation pressure sensor but also judges whether the unit needs to be in the defrosting mode by monitoring the change of heat exchanger temperature in real-time. At the same time, the system adds an intelligent defrosting system to judge the best time for defrosting, to achieve defrosting with and without frost. Improve defrosting efficiency to save power consumption and improve comfort.

The intelligent controller is used to realize the linkage control between the heat pump unit and the terminal application to improve the operation efficiency. Through the WIFI APP, users can operate their devices from their smartphones anytime and anywhere.

Meet multi-purpose needs throughout the year: house heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. The house heater can match the radiator, fan coil, floor heater, etc.

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