Hot Air Noodles Drying Machine Chow Mein Dryer Machine Rice Noodles Dehydrator

Hot Air Noodles Drying Machine Chow Mein Dryer Machine Rice Noodles Dehydrator

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Putting the noodles on the tray or Hang the noodles on the rack then put it into the TWESIX drying room.To dry noodles made of wheat flour, Set the temperature about 50degree. To dry rice noodles, set the temperature at 26℃.


Model Number: DPHG150S-PS

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1.Above datas are under the testing condition: Outside unit at air temperature 20°C,inlet air dry all 15°C, outlet air dry ball°C
2. Dehunlldlty volutne tested under standard testing condition, it will vary according to the outdoor/indoor temperature wet ball.
3. The models parameters performance nlight be changed according to the update of the products,we will not notify that specially, please take the nameplate as the latest version

The Components of Air Source Heat Pump DryerWhat can the food dehydrated machine dry?

How to dry Coconut Copra?We normally use plywood and shrink film to pack, use carton box for small models,we can also make the package as request.
1. Purchase advise
2. Factory prices
3. Production control
4. QC control
5. Delivery in time
6. Support after sales
7. Drying process support A.What details about food client provide
Food’s name, weight,moisture,drying time etc

B. Could you provide drying technical process to clients
Yes. Every projects we did, and we always record them for clients

C. After-sales service
1, Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance.
2, One year’s warranty, and you can pay for extended warranty.
3, Spare parts and technical support at most economic prices after the warranty

D.The delivery date

E.What kind of fruits you dry in your projects
Apple,grape, plum, peach, banana, pineapple, coconut,jackfruit etc

F.What kind of seafood you dry in your projects
sardine,squid,cuttlefish,yellow croaker,lobster,shrimp etc

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