How to dry sausage and bacon

How to dry sausage and bacon


1、Fast Drying Period

Before pushing the racks hanging sausage and bacon into the drying chamber, let the Twesix dehydrated machine discharge hot air to the temperature 60 ℃to 65℃,which can let sausage and bacon ferment, keep color and taste

2、Slow Drying Period

Temperature at 52℃ to 54℃,humidity 45%, the drying time is 3 to 4hours

3、Fast Drying Period

Temperature at 60℃ to 62℃,humidity 38%,the drying time is 10 to 12hours. After drying, the sausage and bacon contains 18% kahalumigmigan,which is best dried quality.

Post time: 2020-12-12