Pineapple Drying Process

Pineapple Drying Process

Pineapple slices can be divided into 5 stages to complete

The first stage: drying, no dehumidification, 1.5 hola, the same temperature inside and outside, the temperature is 50 degrees;

The second stage: the temperature is 53 degrees, and the continuous dehumidification starts, and the humidification reaches 40%;

The third stage: the temperature is 58 degrees, continuous dehumidification, humidity 26%;

The fourth stage: the temperature is 55 degrees, humidity is 20%, continuous dehumidification;

The fifth stage: the temperature is 48 degrees, humidity is 18%, continuous dehumidification for 1 hour, drying is completed.

Ka manawa hoʻouna: 2020-11-17