Эталонная технология сушки хурмы

Эталонная технология сушки хурмы

[1] persimmon origin

Persimmon cake, также известный как хурма, известная традиционная закуска в Китае. Пищевая ценность очень высокая., в основном производится в автономном округе Гунчэн Яо, Гуанси-Чжуанский автономный район, Китай, имеет более чем 400 лет истории выращивания и обработки. Gongcheng луна хурма плоды форма красивая, яркий цвет, тонкая кожа, густое мясо без косточек, сладко и вкусно, is the top persimmon.

[2] air heat pump persimmon dryer

Traditional persimmon drying, mostly using the sun natural drying method, greatly affected by the climate, drying process can not encounter rainy weather. Otherwise, it will be finished, and can not be remedied, even if reluctantly according to the process to the end, the persimmon is sour. Heat pump persimmon dryer, using PLC touch screen control, microcomputer operation 24 hours continuous drying operation, can reduce the traditional process of artificial fatigue, but also improve the traditional drawbacks of eating by the sky!

Persimmon fruit can be harvested when it turns red from yellow. If it is too late to pick, it will fall from the tree and break. If it is not mature enough, the processed persimmon will affect the taste. Следовательно, the harvest process is also a process of choice, too small, cooked too strong persimmon began the first natural and artificial choice.

[3] persimmon drying reference technology

Wash 1. After peeling, put them evenly on the tray, put them in the oven, heat 40℃ bake for 10 часы, ventilate and dehumidify every 2 hours for 20 minutes each time

  1. the fruit surface is white , the technique should be light, and then continue to use 45℃, humidityshould be adjusted to 65%, baking 12 часы, during the attention to ventilation and dehumidification, regular turn them over to keep them evenly heated.


  1. 3. carries on the second kneading cake to the surface fold persimmon, kneads the persimmon meat to disperse, but can not pinch, rotates the pinch, then uses 50℃, the humidity 30%, the baking 15 часы, during the period pays attention to the ventilation dehumidification, the time turns over evenly heats.
  2. the third kneading cake, continue to bake with 45℃ for 10 часы, wait for persimmon soft and hard to recover, back to soft frost.

Attention [4] persimmon drying

If you want to produce persimmon cream, you must have a low temperature environment. Place dried and kneaded persimmon in a cool and dry room and slowly form persimmon cream at low temperature.

Persimmon has some strange characteristics, that is, can not fall, can not be too dry. The fallen persimmon will turn black and affect the taste and color. Too dry persimmons will not frost. So in the process of persimmon drying, there is a job is to join the rod. In order to evaporate water quickly, there will be a large gap between the suspenders. After the evaporation of water in the later period, it is necessary to combine the rods to reduce the evaporation of water, so as to ensure that the persimmons are not too dry frost.

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