• Pineapple Drying Process

    Pineapple slices can be divided into 5 stages to complete The first stage: drying, no dehumidification, 1.5 hours, the same temperature inside and outside, the temperature is 50 degrees; The second stage: the temperature is 53 degrees, and the continuous dehumidification starts, and the humidification reaches 40%; The third stage: the temperature is 58 degrees, continuous dehumidification, humidity 26%; The fourth stage: the temperature is 55 degrees, humidity is 20%, continuous dehumidification; The fifth stage: the temperature is 48 degrees, humidity is 18%, continuous dehumidification for 1 hour, drying is completed.
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  • Reference technology for drying persimmon

    [1] persimmon origin Persimmon cake, also known as persimmon, is a famous traditional snack in China. Nutritional value is very high, mainly produced in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region, China, has more than 400 years of cultivation and processing history. Gongcheng moon persimmon fruit shape beautiful, bright color, a thin skin, thick meat seedless, sweet and delicious, is the top persimmon. [2] air heat pump persimmon dryer Traditional persimmon drying, mostly using the sun natural drying method, greatly affected by the climate, drying process can not encounter rainy weather. Otherwise, it will be finished, and can not be remedied, even if reluctantly according to the process to the end, the persimmon is sour. Heat pump persimmon dryer,…
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  • Mulberry Drying Process

    Setting drying parameters: Mulberry is a berry with high sugar content and high moisture content, and the longer fruit shape is composed of the shape of a small fruit bag, and the moisture is difficult to come out, so it takes a long time. At the same time, the drying temperature can not be too high, the temperature is too high, it is easy to affect the effective content of anthocyanin. The first stage of drying temperature rise for one hour, no moisture, drying mode, so that the drying room up to about 50 degrees. The second stage is set as drying and dehumidification mode, the target humidity is 60 and the target temperature is 55 degrees. The fourth stage each stage rises…
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  • Mango Drying Process

    Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits, mango fruit contains sugar, protein, crude fiber, mango contains all fruits rare vitamin A precursor carotene. It has high nutritional value: it can fight cancer, reduce blood lipid, name, enhance immunity, prevent aging, prevent carsickness, lose weight, invigorate spleen and stomach and so on. Because mango is not easy to keep fresh and store and long-distance transportation, people often process it into canned sugar water, candied fruit, fruit wine, dried fruit, jam, jelly and so on. Baxin mango dryer professional for efficient, rapid, environmental protection, safety and hygiene drying mango. Mango dryer is comfortable and convenient, automatic and intelligent. It can adjust temperature and humidity according to the characteristics of drying material.…
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  • Blueberry Drying Process

    Blueberry drying (reference drying process) [1] blueberry Blueberry, one of small berries, having a blue color, bright color and blue color wrapped in a layer of white fruit powder with delicate pulp and minimal seeds. Sweet and sour taste, and has a pleasant aroma, for fresh food. Blueberry is a fruit with high nutritional value. Blueberry has the highest antioxidant power than fruits and vegetables. Water soluble and insoluble food fiber is twice as much as kiwi fruit and apple. Blueberry contains many vitamins and minerals as a source of vitamin C and food fiber. Blueberry dried also inherits the advantages of blueberries, which contain a large number of physiological active substances, known as fruits and vegetables "the first antioxidant…
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  • Apple Drying Process

    Apple drying process raw materials → washing → peeling → slicing → potion immersion → drying, film selection → packaging several links. (2) Main points of pre-processing of apple slices Raw material selection: select dense meat, high sugar content, thick skin, fully mature fruit, remove rotten fruit, disabled fruit. Raw material treatment: in order to remove pesticides from the pericarp, clean the fruit with running water. Peel by hand or mechanically, remove the core, cut into 7~8 mm slices, and then put into brine. Color protection: put the cut apple slices in 3%~5% salt solution to avoid oxidation and browning. The fruit is floating on the potion, and should be pressed with a curtain on the fruit to ensure that…
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  • Fruit Dryer Drying Process

    Fruit Dryer Drying Process 1. After cleaning, sort the fruits, and the fruits must be dried in the same way. 2. Slice fruits by hand or machine to a thickness of about 3-5 mm. 3. Spread the sliced ​​fruit pieces on the material rack. Be careful not to stack them to avoid uneven heat. 4. Open the control panel, set the temperature at 45 degrees, the time is 5 hours, and the humidity is 20%. 5. After drying, pull out the material to regain moisture for about half an hour, and then pack the box.
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  • Fruit Dryer Drying Room Setting Plan

    1. A roasting room with a size of 7 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.2 meters high. The baking room covers an area of ​​7 meters * 3 meters = 21 square meters; the total cubic of the baking room is 7 * 3 * 2.2 = 46.2 cubic meters. 2. 10P air energy heat pump integrated machine, 9.3KW per hour, the inner and outer color steel of the storage board, the thickness is 0.376 color steel plate, the middle 10CM polyurethane foamed cold storage board, good insulation and sealing, and fireproof. 3. The baking room adopts single door design (also double door design can be made according to customer requirements) 4. The baking room program adopts touch screen…
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